• The Football


    On 22 May, 2018 the representatives of the «KRBA» football team visited the «Goretskyy & Partners Law Firm». They personally thanked Oleg Goretskyy, who was one of the sponsors of the team, for his support.

    In gratitude of Oleg Goretskyy they told that his help was very important for the team which would be an additional incentive for even more successful performances in the following championships.

    Oleg Goretskyy, the founder and the leading partner of the «Goretskyy & Partners Law Firm», wished the «KRBA» football team, the team of lawyers of the Kiev region which became the champion of the World Championship on mini-football among lawyers, to play well on the football field and to protect well in the real life.

    Moreover, he wished the participants not to stop at the achieved, to keep moving forward, to be the winner not only on the football field but also in personal and professional life.