• The Football


    The Football

    It’s the first time the team from Ukraine called the «KRBA» football team became the champion of the World Championship on mini-football among lawyers.

    From now on, the lawyers of Kyiv region are the winners of the World Football Cup for Lawyers 2018 with an unbeatable result, which hardly anyone will ever be able to repeat. The most unique achievement is that our champion, the «KRBA» football team is the only team which didn’t miss a single goal for the entire championship.

    It’s especially pleasant that Oleg Goretskyy, the founder and the leading partner of the «Goretskyy & Partners Law Firm», is one of the sponsors of the team among other advocates and lawyers.

      We wish the football team success, both on the football field and in the real life! Also we wish you inspiration in football, more perspectives and further development. And let’s root for the football!