• Law firm «GORETSKYY & PARTNERS» conducted a successful investigation into the theft of property of NJSC «NADRA UKRAJYNY» in the amount of two million UAH.


    «CHERNIGIVNAFTOGAZGEOLOGIYA» which is the daughter company of NATIONAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY «NADRA UKRAJYNY» leased on July 2016 drill pipes in the amount of 2 million 188 thousand UAH to a private company. The pipes were not turned but the private company developed documents on which the pipes were written off.

    Law firm «GORETSKYY & PARTNERS» found that illegal actions and assistance in committing a crime was provided by the former director of the «CHERNIGIVNAFTOGAZGEOLOGIYA».  The scheme was quite simple for him and means that the pipes were written off as a scrap, which needed to be utilized. Investigators in the investigation found the facts of documental forgery.

    Criminal case under Part 5 of Article 195 and under Part 1 of Article 366 of Criminal Code of Ukraine on the fact of taking ownership of the property by public servants of the «CHERNIGIVNAFTOGAZGEOLOGIYA» under the previous conspiracy with officials of WB “LEVADNYK” LLC was opened in September 2017 owing to the Law Firm «GORETSKYY & PARTNERS».

    «CHERNIGIVNAFTOGAZGEOLOGIYA» was recognized as the victim.

    The Law firm «GORETSKYY & PARTNERS» in the person of the managing partner Goretskyy Oleh was able to achieve justice in the case of State Enterprise NJSC «NADRA UKRAJYNY».

    The Law firm «GORETSKYY & PARTNERS» during its own investigation identified all offenders and disclosed the scheme of theft of property. Advocate Goretskyy Oleh was able to achieve preventive measures and seizure of the property of the accused.

    With the help of the Law firm «GORETSKYY & PARTNERS» the victim party claimed a civil lawsuit in the criminal proceedings to the suspected persons.