• Legal services

    Apply for legal aid at the law firm “Goretskyy and Partners” you will get professional legal assistance on the problems in the area of law that interest you:

    Lawyers, Attorneys of the Law Firm “Goretskyy and Partners” also carries out legal support of non-profit organizations, including cultural institutions, political parties, social movements, provide legal support to public authorities and local governments.

    In addition, we provide services to individuals on civil, labor, family, administrative law and so on.

    Close cooperation with major investment institutions enables all types of securities issues. Work with professional appraisers to produce fast and comprehensive assessment of all assets of legal entities. Constant interaction with the auditors and notaries enables a comprehensive solution of any task in accordance with the law.

    Legal services provided by the Law Firm “Goretskyy & Partners” encompass virtually all the legal issues that arise in everyday activities of  ordinary citizens, as well as enterprises, organizations and institutions.

    Legal services for the drawing up of procedural documents include, but are not limited the following:

    Legal services – representation in court (court protection) with the participation of a lawyer (attorney) in court proceedings that are initiated by the client himself or by his opponents.

    Legal services for representation in court include, but are not limited by the following:

    Representation in court by the specialists of our law firm (attorneys, lawyers) carried out under the following categories of legal disputes (the list is not exhaustive):

    Representation in court consists of drawing up a statement of claim (claim drafting), representation in the court session, the composition of the appeal (appeal form), representation in the Court of Appeal.

    Also, the law firm “Goretskyy and Partners” provides legal services of representation in the executive service for the execution of court decisions, which include writing application to the executive service, the supply of executive documents, writing complaints against the executors, control over the execution of court decisions.

    The experts of our Law Firm “Goretskyy and Partners” have great practical experience in providing legal services to the public and businesses.

    We hope that our cooperation will bring You success!