• Civil disputes

    Law Firm “Goretskyy and Partners” will perform a wide range of services from preparing legal documents to representation of the interests in all the courts.

    Our team is ready to defend your interests in such categories of cases:

    Debt collection

    Law Firm “Goretskyy and Partners” provides a full range of services related to debt collection.

    Practice shows that our assistance allows you to achieve a successful outcome in most cases. We provide professional assistance at any stage – from the preparation and participation in trial to enforcement proceedings:

    • Assessment of the likelihood of successful debt recovery, including the receipt of information about the financial condition of the debtor.
    • Legal examination of documents proving the right to debt collection, to determine the accuracy of their design and the degree of legal clarity.
    • Representing clients in any government and commercial organizations, whose activity is connected with the recovery of the debt, including the State executive service.
    • Tracking the execution process of the judgment for the recovery of the debt until a result.
    • Drafting and filing a statement of claim in the commercial court (for civil disputes) and other jurisdictions.
    • Representing clients in courts of all levels.
    • Preparation and submission of application for commencement of enforcement proceedings to the relevant authorities.

    Timely addresing to a professional lawyer provides you with many benefits, including a temporary nature. Any financial claims against the debtor are restricted limitation period, so do not delay the legal proceedings.

    Qualified lawyers will make every effort to achieve full recovery of the debt, will ensure compliance with your legal interests, help you to choose the best way to solve the problem.


    Family disputes can relate to each of us. Family dispute is always heavy morally for each of the parties of the dispute. Whether it is a divorce or the marriage contract, an agreement on the division of property between spouses or former spouses, the determination of the order of communication with children, representation in court and other family problems.

    Experts of “Goretskyy and Partners” Law Firm will render you professional assistance in resolving family disputes and to provide the following services:

    1. Drafting a marriage contract.
    2. The recognition of a marriage contract fully /partially invalid.
    3. Divorce.
    4. The recognition of the marriage invalid.
    5. Recovery of child support.
    6. The division of property of the spouses.
    7. Termination of parental rights.
    8. The establishment of the family relationships. Establishing of guardianship.
    9. Removing barriers in communicating with children.
    10. Making a claim, an objection to the statement of claim, drafting lawyer request.
    11. Representation of your interests in court, law enforcements and other government agencies.

    Inheritance disputes

    Most often such disputes arise in the case where the testator’s relatives have to prove in court their right to inheritance, property or the right to its share in the transfer of property. If none of the parties is not ready for a peaceful solution of the issue, usually lengthy inheritance disputes escalate into fighting of lawsuits and lawyers in court, selflessly defending the rights of their clients. At the same time, these differences quite versatile, it can be:

    • Disputes concerning inheritance division;
    • Questions arising from the need to restore the deadline for the procedure of acceptance of the inheritance;
    • The need to prove the lawfulness of acceptance of the inheritance;
    • It may also be the need to establish in court the fact of kinship with a citizen, which is the testator, or other facts which inherently are important for inheritance procedures (for example, the establishing of the fact and the exact time of the testator’s death, the fact of family dependents, testator prove ownership of property acquired legally married, etc.).

    ТThe right to inheritance is proved in almost every case through the courts. Therefore, inheritance disputes and probate is often impossible without high-quality professional support lawyers.

    These disputes over inheritance are not only legal consequences, and often psychologically unpleasant for the warring parties. At the same time legal proceedings in disputes about the inheritance may end at the desired scenario, court decisions in favor of the protected contact a relative of the testator, and the conclusion of a settlement agreement between the parties. Pre-trial settlement of inheritance disputes – the most desired results in the process of registration or the redistribution of property.

    As a rule, any litigation relating to inheritance is very complex and is a confusing thing to understanding in which is under force only to experienced lawyers. Advice on inheritance disputes must necessarily be obtained from professional lawyers.

    Our law firm “Goretskyy and Partners” offers the following legal services in the field of inheritance law:

    • Advice and representation in courts on inheritance;
    • Conducting hereditary affairs of a notary;
    • The establishment of the acceptance of inheritance in court;
    • Restoring the timing for the adoption of the inheritance;
    • Recognition of ownership of the inherited property;
    • The recognition of the will invalid;
    • Isolation of a mandatory share in the estate;
    • Restoring documents that confirm kinship;
    • Correction of erroneous entries in the certificates;
    • Appeals against decisions and actions of the notary when you make a legacy;
    • Determination of the composition of the inheritance.
    • Establishing judicially the fact of kinship in order to accept the inheritance.
    • Registration of documents of title to the inheritance.

    If life has set you a task to design the ownership of property received as an inheritance, you are in a difficult situation inheritance dispute, without fail you will come to the aid of specialists of our law firm. You will certainly get an informative consultation, and if there is sufficient evidence, or even a small corporate clues we guarantee the solution of inheritance disputes in your favor.

    Intellectual property right

    Intellectual property rights include non-property and property rights. The measure of the intellectual property rights defined in the Civil Code of Ukraine and the relevant laws of Ukraine.

    Before talking about the protection of intellectual property rights, such a right is necessary to obtain and have relevant document (certificates, patents, license agreement, contract of transfer of rights, etc.).

    If it so happens that your right has been violated, then there are certain ways to protect intellectual property rights:

    • Recognition of rights (ie a particular intellectual property rights, especially important – in respect of copyright and related rights);
    • Recognition of the contract null and void (for example, a license agreement);
    • Termination of action which violates the right;
    • Restore the situation that existed before the violation of law took place;
    • Forced execution of obligations in kind (payment of the royalty for the use of intellectual property which is not listed before);
    • Changing the terms of the license agreement for the use of intellectual property;
    • Termination of the license agreement on the use of intellectual property;
    • Indemnity and other methods of reimbursement for property right violation. Non-pecuniary (non-property) damage.
    • Recognition of the decisions illegal, actions or omissions of a public authority.

    Protection of property rights – the most common goal of protecting the right to intellectual property.

    Property rights to intellectual property:

    • The right to use the object of intellectual property rights;
    • The exclusive right to authorize the usage of intellectual property rights;
    • The exclusive right to prevent the improper use of intellectual property rights;
    • Other intellectual property rights established by the Law.

    If your intellectual property is used illegally or your rights are violating otherwise than specialists of our law firm:

    • Analyze the fact of violation of the rights and determine the most effective way to protect and select the optimal strategy;
    • Conduct a pre-trial work (collecting and recording evidence, negotiations, preparation of claims);
    • Contact local authorities for the protection of your rights;
    • Prepare a statement of claim and will represent your interests in court.

    If you are accused in violating of intellectual property rights, the most important thing – to conduct operational analysis of whether or not you are breaking the law, which liability is provided for such action. Specialists of our Law Firm can develop an effective strategy for the protection of the charges or a strategy of reconciliation with the other party.

    We know that the claims may be unfounded, so our main task – to analyze all the data, the risks and opportunities in order to protect your interests

    One of the types of protection of intellectual property rights is the protection against unfair competition.

    According to legislation about unfair competition, actions which are recognized as unfair competition are:

    • Illegal use of signs, including trade marks;
    • Copy the appearance of the product;
    • Comparative advertising;
    • Illegal collection, disclosure and use of trade secrets.

    The specialists of our law firm:

    • Analyze a fact of violation, pick an optimal defense strategy;
    • Gather evidence base, prepare an application to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, will represent your interests during the consideration of such a complaint.

    We are able to protect your rights and interests!

    Land disputes

    Lawyer for Land Affairs:

    • Will assist in land disputes, represent your interests in state bodies, will appeal against the court’s decision, find important arguments in your favor;
    • Provide advice and practical help in difficult situations that often arise in the field of land rights;
    • Disputes over land issues may arise both between individuals and between the individual and the state.

    Our team is ready to defend your interests in respect of such categories of cases:

    • The debate on the use and ownership of land;
    • Disputes about the vindication of illegal possession;
    • Disputes about the violation of the rules of good-neighborliness;
    • Recognition of transactions invalid;
    • Recognition and protection of rights on the ground;
    • Much more.