• Commercial disputes

    Law Firm “Goretskyy and Partners” provides legal assistance in the following areas:

    In addition to direct representation of interests in commercial disputes in courts, will render the qualified help in any matter of business.

    Services of the settlement of commercial disputes provided by lawyers of the Law Firm “Goretskyy and Partners”:

    The purpose of any economic activity is profit. A positive result of a commercial dispute is an outcome that is economically beneficial to our customers, namely, to reach such a result our team.

    Bankruptcy and liquidation

    Bankruptcy – is the sphere of law, which regulates the insolvency, that is, the impossibility of a business entity to fulfill financial obligations to creditors, including on wages and taxes, and bankruptcy matters, that is about the recognition of the commercial court of inability of the debtor to resume its solvency and to fulfill the requirements of creditors through the elimination procedure.

    In this area, our Law Firm “Goretskyy and Partners” can solve the following questions:

    • Legal advice on bankruptcy;
    • Initiation of bankruptcy proceedings of the business entity or its debtors;
    • Legal assistance during the bankruptcy proceedings;
    • Carrying out the liquidation procedure;
    • legal services during the reorganization;
    • Loans are written off, the arbitration control services;
    • Exemption from debt and bankruptcy;
    • Legal services for debt collection from a business entity, which is in the process of bankruptcy;
    • Protection of interests of the parties in court.

    Law Firm “Goretskyy and Partners” provides a full range of legal services related to the bankruptcy proceedings.

    If You have the bankruptcy of the enterprise – please contact the Law Firm “Goretskyy and Partners.” We will defend you interests most efficiently and effectively.

    Insurance disputes

    “Insurance is a parachute: if You don’t have it at the right time, more You won’t need it.”

    Smiljan Mori

    Today is a very common activity of insurance companies and the services they provide are necessary in day-to-day activity. However, sometimes it happens that even the insured persons have problems that will eventually grow into the insurance disputes. In such disputes is almost impossible to achieve a result without qualified legal advice, due to the specifics of the insurance relations and their complexity.

    For example, each user of insurance companies services knows the cases when even in the presence of CIVOCL insurance, upon the occurrence of the accident, which occurred due to his fault, he/she would still be obliged to compensate the harm caused by damage to vehicles, property, health or life.

    For a long time lawyers of our firm carry out representation of interests of both physical persons and legal entities as insurers, as well as representing the interests of the leading insurance companies in Ukraine.

    Extensive experience in the field of insurance law gives us the opportunity to resolve insurance disputes for the benefit of our customers quickly and efficiently.

    Debt collection

    Law Firm “Goretskyy and Partners” provides a full range of services related to debt collection.

    Practice shows that our assistance allows you to achieve a successful outcome in most cases. We provide professional assistance at any stage of the preparation and participation in the proceedings before the enforcement proceedings:

    • Assessment of the likelihood of successful debt recovery, including the receipt of information about the financial condition of the debtor.
    • Legal examination of documents proving the right to debt collection, to determine the accuracy of their design and the degree of legal purity.
    • Representing clients in any government and commercial organizations, whose activity is connected with the recovery of the debt, including the State executive service.
    • Monitoring of process of execution of a judgment for the recovery of the debt up to achieve results.
    • Drafting and filing a statement of claim in court of commercial (for civil disputes civil) jurisdiction, and others;
    • Representing clients in courts of all levels.
    • Preparation and submission of an application to institute enforcement proceedings to the relevant authorities

    Timely application to a professional lawyer provides you with many benefits, including a temporary nature. Any financial claims against the debtor are restricted by limitation period, so do not delay the legal prosecution.

    Qualified lawyers will make every effort to achieve full recovery of the debt, will ensure compliance with your legal interests, will help you to choose the best way to solve the problem.